Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whiners-Everybody hates us- boo hoo

Let's cut out the arrogant and ignorant American act and face reality! Bob Roll finally told the truth...Alberto Contador is the best rider in the world!
Also, thanks to Paul Sherwin, although he couldn't say it directly... (it's a secret)... Lance has LOTS of fans in France!!! I have been in France when Lance won stages, and EVERYONE cheers! If there are Lance haters in France, they must be hiding..... it's easier to sell TV coverage and sell French newspapers when there's lots of drama, but the fact remains. Lance has fans everywhere, especially (yes!) in France. So quit whining "everybody hates us".. that's just an excuse to stay home and never leave your little comfort zone. (not that there's anything wrong with that you fags!) Go to the Tour de France and look around for yourself. You'll find you have more "soul brothers" there than you think!

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