Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hype withdrawal

My foot is broken so I'm diving in the shallow pool of blogging, and yes, I'm already paralyzed, or at least incapacitated. I'm watching the French TV Tour De France coverage on TV5 cable...and I'm suffering from hype withdrawal...who are the announcers? I hear them but I don't see them. I guess it's the goldilocks syndrome- too hot or too cold. Too much hype from Versus, and none at all from the French. I tried doing bikesnob's drinking game- having a shot every time they mentioned Lance, but I barely got a buzz. Damn the French! The other day my cable company Surewest cut in with a commercial as Thomas Voekler came across the finish line. Obviously an American plot to deny a Frenchman TV coverage!! But I'm over that now. This has been a GREAT Tour! Maybe the Indurain/Lance parade that lasted so long is over?? More later.....

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