Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beep-free technology

How do they do it? I'm watching both Versus and the French TV2 TDF coverage. Today during the time trial the French TV had irritating electronic beeping at the start for each racer, but on Versus I could hear the race official call out the start, but I HEARD NO BEEPING!! This means Versus has in its possession anti-beeping technology!!!! I believe this is banned by the non-proliferating treaty, the Geneva convention, and banned in Boston as well!!! Typical of the Amerilocs to attempt a technological unfair advantage. Ever since Greg Lemond's unfair aero equipment in the time trial against Laurent Fignon (get well soon Laurent!) Americans have sought that techno advantage. Anti-beeping technology needs to be available to all or to noone! Let's keep it fair, people!

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