Monday, April 5, 2010

Museeuw musings. After Flanders hangover post.

I can't let this week pass without a comment on the Tour of Flanders yesterday. As I watched Cancellara and Boonen race together (at first) to the line, I was reminded of the advice Johan Museeuw gave to 'Tommke' Boonen last week. "Use your head- save some effort. Don't be rash." Yet Boonen insisted on taking hard pulls, even appearing to pull ahead of Cancellara on the lower part of the Kapelmuur, just before Fabian pulled away, not to be seen again 'till the podium. I can only wonder what could have happened if Boonen had heeded the advice of Johan. Tom has another chance Sunday at Paris-Roubaix. Will the excitement of youth again seduce the pride of Flanders? Or will he keep his head? We'll see.

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  1. Tommeke had the hopes of all Flanders riding on that race and looked to be trying to uphold that lofty crown. No doubt the press is eating him alive today!